Build The Dream, Build Your Interest List

The community that you are launching next year might not be the thing that’s at the forefront of your mind, but maybe it should be. A little planning can go a long way when it comes to marketing a new community and how you go into a project can really help in terms of profitability. Let’s face it, the stronger the interest list early on, the more buzz it creates and the quicker it sells out! There’s no better and more engaging way to market a new community than animation!

Beyond the visual aspect of seeing a bare dirt field come to life, community animations do something much more amazing—they create an emotional connection with buyers. See how these animations use film-style effects to highlight the elements of the community.

Dramatic Lighting

Want to amp up the mood and the impact? Lighting can make a huge difference. In this animation, the story follows one home shopper home from work and into the community amenity center. The day turns to dusk and the soft light of candles at the amenity center brings focus on the serenity of the beautiful resort-style pool. A beautiful sunset and the glow of the pool send the message, you don’t need to leave to be on vacation.

Inspiring Music

Every great movie is marked with a great soundtrack and animations are no different! Inspiring, calm music sets the tone, and music is timed with cinematic camera shots to draw you in for a look at something so perfect that it sticks with you. Music is a great amplifier that can put the punctuation on the mood that you are trying to set. In this animation, a grand and inspiring soundtrack ties in with the beautiful imagery of the water and marina.


Visual details are an important part of the story, especially when building something that can’t be seen or felt yet. Conceptually, up-close camera angles draw the viewer into a storyline for an inside look at something special.  A Birds-eye view is great for showing an overall concept, but alone, it doesn’t have the personal impact of a detail shot.

If you have plans to launch new communities in the next few months, now is the time to start talking about creating an animation. Want to learn more? Email us or visit for more information.