Launching A New Community, Here’s What You Need To Know

There are an estimated 6000 communities launching nationally this year which is good news for home shoppers. Demand is incredibly high right now and the reality is that many home builders are going to be selling dirt online. Don’t fret, technology can make your dirt look amazing. We’ve got a few tips on how to set up your sales center and how to market your dirt online.

Don’t Skimp On Your Community Description

You’re busy, we get it but community descriptions are an important part of your marketing. BDX conducted a recent study and found that using adjectives in community descriptions results in more leads. It’s also important to keep in mind that more and more people are shopping remotely and buying sight unseen. A good rule of thumb is to imagine that every home shopper shopping in your community lives in another state and will need to make a decision to move based on your description.

Communicate Your Vision With A Multi-Touch Kiosk

Touch is powerful and if there is one benefit that a used home has over new is how tangible the home is. It exists, it can be toured and there aren’t many unknowns. Multi-touch kiosks like SalesMaxx from BDX uses the power of touch to make rendered homes and communities come to life and creates an experience that can be shared in the moment as families pass different plans across the table, expand and swipe through to communicate and engage emotionally with your community.

Showcase Your Community Within The Larger Community

Remote shoppers have a disadvantage. They may be searching for a home in a place they have never been! A geospatial interactive site plan can create context by placing your community site plan right within a Google Map. This will make it easy for them to see the larger community and proximity to local parks, hospitals, restaurants, shopping and schools. It also helps get your brand new roads mapped on Google, making it easier than ever for shoppers to find you.

Combine Drone Footage With Animation

Most of the time, a parcel of land is selected because of something special—rolling hills, a nearby lake, creek, beautiful sunsets. Getting drone footage early in the game allows you to capture the beauty of the natural landscape and combine with a rendered animation that will show what the community will look like once it is built.

Need help selling your community this year? BDX has a variety of solutions that can help you showcase your development. The best part, is that we know the urgency of meeting consumer demand and have worked diligently to accelerate production timelines and equip with the features that will make selling your community even if it’s at the dirt stage even easier. Get in touch or visit us at for more information.