Solutions for 2024

BDX is the premier destination for connecting consumers with builders and providing an unparalleled digital experience for dreaming, finding, and designing a new home.

We provide everything a builder could need to successfully market their homes online from lead generation solutions and visual content to e-commerce, and our solutions are specifically designed to appeal to new home buyers.

As the last few weeks of 2023 came to an end, we counted down the top ten solutions to help make 2024 a successful year, here’s the recap!

  • Number Ten – Listings

It’s important to target the right consumers at the right stage of the home shopping journey and smart marketers know that the correct marketing can make or break you. Learn why NewHomeSource should be in your marketing mix here!

  • Number Nine – Virtual Walkthroughs

In person will always be the best way to tour a home, however it’s not always possible. What if the home hasn’t been built yet? What if the shopper is not in the same city? Or maybe they just want to stay home! Now, more than ever, having a virtual option of your home is super important. As an industry leader, our virtual walkthroughs must be as close to real life as possible.

  • Number Eight – Advertising

We’ve consulted with our advertising experts for their top recommendations, all tailored to the prevalent needs within our industry. Consult our interactive decision tree for expert guidance on achieving your advertising objectives.

  • Number Seven – Geospatial Interactive Site Plans

BDX’s Geospatial Interactive Site Plan (ISP) works with Google to put your new home communities, that haven’t yet broken ground, on the map. But that’s not all it does – when you add a map on your website, we layer in an interactive site plan that gives shoppers the full functionality of Google maps and delivers valuable information about your lots and amenities.

  • Number Six – Envision Style

Shoppers want a visually engaging and immersive way to design and visualize their new homes and Envision Style offers a new approach. Style has a unique interface that allows home shoppers to design their home all with access to manufacturer-supplied content. A unique and patent-pending slider allows them to easily slide back and forth to see selections visually side-by-side, opening the door for higher customer satisfaction and engagement.

  • Number Five – Renderings

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create high-quality visual content and how important it is? Renderings help bring your homes to life, view our infographic to see what intricate details go into the anatomy of high-quality rendering.

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  • Number Four – SalesMaxx

In the home building industry, staying up-to-date with technology will give your business the tools you need to beat out the competition. SalesMaxx is a solution that will help you take your sales efforts to the next level, throughout the whole sales journey. While a kiosk is at the heart of our SalesMaxx solution, it’s really all about delivering the rich content your customers need for a fully immersive experience.

  • Number Three – Floor Plans

Giving home shoppers the ability to see the floor plans of your homes a very important first stop in the home shopper journey as most find themselves in search of a new home because they have outgrown their current space. Without the right information to make a decision, any friction points encountered on their journey could mean an early exit in the process that sends them to another builder.

  • Number Two – TrustBuilder

Ratings and reviews have always been a primary resource in the decision-making process. In fact, 92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and family. Powered by, TrustBuilder delivers honest reviews from real homeowners about the home buying experience.

  • Number One – Visualizers

Give shoppers the chance to see all the different options a home has to offer and even place your favorites side by side with the comparison feature. BDX visualizers have features that also give new home shoppers the ability to create a mood board or invite their family or designer to join them in a virtual session to discuss their ideas.

For more information on all that BDX has to offer, visit or reach out via email.