The BYTE: 2024 Social Media Marketing Predictions, Email Send Times, and More!

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of best times to send emails, social media marketing predictions, engagement tools for Threads, social media engagement rates for industries, and the brain atlas.

Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest marketing and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.



Best Times to Send an Email

Email marketing is an essential part of your marketing strategy to promote products and communicate with your customers. According to Zippia, 347.3 billion emails are sent by people worldwide every day in 2023. So, it can be challenging but necessary to get your emails read. However, knowing the prime time to send emails can be advantageous. Read Hubspot’s survey results to learn the best times to send an email.


Take Notes 

34 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2024

We are only a few weeks from the start of 2024. It’s time to start gearing up your digital marketing plan for next year. With social media constantly evolving, it can be hard to know what trends will triumph and which will fall flat. From Facebook to X, check out Social Media Today‘s 34 marketing predictions for 2024 based on current trends and the current status of social media platforms.

Threads’ New Engagement Tools

Meta’s Threads has recently reached 100 million monthly active users. With the social platform’s recent expansion of engagement tools and more updates rolling out soon, Threads is slowly on its way to reaching Mark Zuckerberg’s goal of a billion users and is a social platform to consider adding to your marketing arsenal. Read about Threads’ new poll and GIF options to engage your audience here.

Social Media Engagement Rates for Industries

Understanding how your social media engagement rate stacks against the competition is critical. Comparing your metrics can help you know if your social campaign succeeded or needs improvement. Hootesuite collected data from 100 social accounts on various social platforms from several industries. The results were interesting. Check them out on Hootesuite’s blog post.


Totally Unrelated 

A New Map to the Brain

The brain is the most complex and challenging organ in the body to study. However, a recent development of a map for the brain by a consortium of scientists might help researchers understand brain cells better. Learning more about the brain could help create medicines to treat medical conditions like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Read the full story in Fast Company’s article.