The Secret “Ingredient” to Marketing Your Homes May Be the Brands That Are Inside Them

Ingredient Branding is a marketing strategy where a component or an ingredient of a product or service is pulled into the spotlight and given its own identity. It’s an effective strategy because consumers trust established brands and in many cases consumers will pay more for a branded product versus a generic solution.

We’re all familiar with the “Inside Intel” campaign which was the first introduction of Ingredient branding in the 90’s. For home builders, the strategy is the perfect way to showcase all of the amazing brands inside your home. Here are three reasons ingredient branding makes sense for home builders…

  • Leverage the marketing from these powerful consumer brands. Consumer brands spend millions to build their brand. By leveraging these brands, you’re also taking advantage of this marketing power.
  • Build trust and credibility. Consumers trust established brands, and you’ll absorb that trust when you’re ingredient branding.
  • Give consumers more information than ever before. It’s a fact, today’s consumers are more savvy than ever. They want to be able to find details and they want the information right away.

So, we’ve established that ingredient branding is a smart play for home builders, but where do you start? We’ve come up with a few ways to put the brands inside your homes to work for you.

Online VR/Virtual Walkthroughs

Imagine in your virtual walkthroughs if shoppers were presented with details about the specific options in your homes. In the example below, specific products in the kitchen are hotspotted with images, product descriptions, and videos. There’s even the option to link these specific products to your online design center… but more on that next!

Having a robust online design center with all manufacturer data included is the ultimate in ingredient branding. Builders that use the Envision Online Design Center also see real results using this strategy – up to a 30% increase in options sales. Within Envision shoppers won’t just find names and images of the products, manufacturers are encouraged to include Videos, Guides, and any other resources that are helpful in the buying process. And because Envision visualizers are also tied directly to the specific manufacturer products, this is the perfect place for shoppers to experience the brands in your home and make selections that work for their lives.


How can you as a builder leverage ingredient branding to market and sell your homes? We’d love to help you build a strategy that grows your business – email us today.