The BYTE – Innovative Housing Showcase, The End of the Spring Selling Season, House Plan of the Week, and More!

This week we’re taking a look at steps to take as the spring selling seasons winds down, wood as a sustainable building material, the Innovative Housing Showcase on display at the National Mall and the floor plan of the week that could be snore-proof!

Welcome to the BYTE, where you get to sink your teeth into the latest builder news.

Top 5 Things to Focus On as Spring Selling Season Fades

As the spring selling season draws to a close, home builders often find themselves at a crossroads as the focus shifts from managing the influx of buyers to strategizing for the future. Take a look at this starting list of five key areas of focus for when the spring sales momentum begins to fade.

Innovative Housing Solutions on Display at the National Mall

Exhibitors, manufacturers, and policymakers gathered on the National Mall for the Innovative Housing Showcase, a public event that aims to raise awareness of innovative and affordable housing designs. Read more about the solutions addressing affordability, increasing housing inventory, and more.

Rethinking Construction: The Rising Role of Wood as a Sustainable Material

Wood’s popularity as a construction material has surged due to its impressive carbon sequestration capacity which allows the material to perform significantly better than others from a carbon emissions perspective. See how innovations in wood reclamation and recycling promise to enhance environmental benefits.

House Plan of the Week: Snore-Proof Main Suite

A new house plan presents an ideal set up for couples to sleep apart for better rest, as suggested by a recent article in The Washington Post. This unique floor plan has a two-part main suite, a bedroom in front and another in back. They meet in the middle with a large closet and a two-part bathroom. Get the details and see the plan here.