The BYTE: X’s TV App, Email Marketing Best Practices, YouTube’s Audience Retention Stats, and More!

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of YouTube’s audience filter, email marketing best practices, one-pager templates, X’s video app, and Neuralink’s human brain-chip.

Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest marketing and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.


YouTube’s New Audience Filters

YouTube is testing an update within its viewer retention charts in YouTube Studio that will enable creators to get a more in-depth look into who is engaging with their content. The new analytic tool will help YouTubers glean more insights about specific audience behaviors and whether their subscribers or non-subscribers view certain clips. Learn more about these audience filters to improve your YouTube strategy in Social Media Today’s article

Take Notes 

15 Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing remains an effective tool for reaching your audience, but whether your email gets noticed depends on your approach and the impression it makes. In fact, according to MailButler, “40% of email users have at least 50 unread messages in their inbox.” Getting your emails opened is a daunting task, but using Red Website Design’s email marketing best practices can help optimize your plan and improve your open rates.

X’s Video App

From Elon Musk trying to convince famous YouTuber MrBeast to post his content on X to now creating an app for Smart TVs, X is reportedly trying to throw its hat into the long-form video format. Like YouTube, the new app enables users to watch long-form video content on their Smart TVs. Read the full story on Tuberfilter’s blog post.

One-Pager Templates

One-pagers clearly and visually lay out the important business or product highlights in a concise and readable format. This one-page document makes it easy for your readers to quickly digest information. While one-pagers are effective, they do take time to design. Using a template can quickly and succinctly get information delivered to your consumers. Learn how to create a one-pager template on Brafton’s article.

Totally Unrelated 

Neuralink’s First Human Brain-Chip

In a recent live stream, Neuralink, showcased its pioneering brain-computer interface. The footage featured Neuralink’s first patient, a quadriplegic named Noland Arbaugh, playing chess on a laptop with only his thoughts. This is a major breakthrough and one step closer to the company’s goal of helping people with severe paralysis control devices using their brains. Read more about this on Digital Trends.