Webinar: Unpacking the NAR Settlement

NAR settlement,Webinar,home builders

The New Dynamics Between Builders and the Real Estate Industry and What You Need to do Today

Our industry has been rocked by the NAR settlement, which will forever change the way real estate transactions occur. If the news left you reeling with uncertainty, this webinar is for you.

Join us on Wednesday, March 27th at 11 a.m. PT to hear from Zonda’s Chief Advisory Officer, Tim Sullivan, and Vice President of Content, Steve Ladurantaye as they dig into the nuances of the settlement and what it means for builders and the new home industry.

The settlement could make housing less expensive as real estate fees drop and could give builders more tools to incentivize self-represented buyers. While most of the talk has been about resale implications, the settlement fundamentally changes the way new homes are sold. It also impacts the way builders will interact with the broader real estate agent community.

In this webinar we will unpack the new dynamics at play between builders and the real estate industry and will share the top five things builders must do today to prepare for what’s next.


NAR settlement,Webinar,home buildersNAR settlement,Webinar,home builders

Tim Sullivan, Zonda’s Chief Advisory Officer and Steve Ladurantaye, Zonda’s Vice President of Content

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