SalesMaxx Kiosk Uses Touch to Change the Future of New Home Sales

Homebuilders take note; Self-service technology is here to stay, and the past few years has only accelerated its adoption. Whether it’s ordering autonomously at your favorite restaurant or checking out at your local grocery store – consumers want the option to reduce direct interaction with people and control their experience.

SalesMaxx is the most comprehensive self-service technology for builders on the market today. Think of it as your back-up salesperson when they’re either too busy or not available. Placed within your sales center, SalesMaxx gives home shoppers the complete autonomy to explore your community and homes at their pace. Using the latest tour and graphic technology, a home shopper can view 2D and 3D floor plans, elevations, and features, all with the touch of a finger. When finished “touring,” home shoppers can even send their favorites to their inbox.

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