The Hard Fought Win, Your Best Review

We’ve all had one, the sale that you remember the most because it took blood, sweat and tears to bring it in. It’s the big fish that almost got away. We’ve started to move from the pond where fish miraculously jump in your bucket to one with less fish. There are still fish out there and we’re here to highlight something positive about having to try a little harder. The reviews after the sale are going to be worth it. We’ve listed out our top recommendations for content that will seal the deal and earn you the type of reviews that will build credibility and embed your brand in the minds of the next shopper.

When demand has outpaced supply, home shoppers can’t be picky when it comes to buying a home because availability becomes a screeching need. In a market where home shoppers can take their time to find the right home and builder—the story flips. Builders then need to be ready to answer every question and anticipate every need to earn a good review on a 3rd party site like TrustBuilder. While no one can anticipate everything, we’ve outlined a few things that you should anticipate along the ride.

Home Shoppers Have A Hard Time Judging Space

Most home shoppers have a hard time understanding black and white floor plans. Spatial misunderstandings can lead to unhappy customers that might be surprised later on in the journey. The good news, there are several easy pieces of content that you can use to help them visualize the space properly. Interactive floor plans are an essential piece in the beginning dreaming process. With the ability to maneuver through available options, interactive floor plans offer a high satisfaction rating in the early planning stages. This doesn’t mean that 2D floor plans don’t have a place, but when you can, interactive is better.

If you are marketing a built home, the same holds true. Empty rooms are very hard to understand spatially. Virtual staging can give home shoppers an idea of how much can fit in a room. Even if their furniture layout ultimately ends up being different, seeing a room with furniture immediately makes it look larger.

Take The Fear Out Of Options

Fear of the unknown is powerful and most people have heard a horror story from a friend who paid more than they anticipated on their new home when it came to selecting options online. An online design center turns fear into fun and leaves home shoppers feeling empowered vs. powerless. With the access to pricing and incredible manufacturer supplied content, home shoppers will feel savvy making their option selections online. Put your customers in the driving seat and see your sat numbers and reviews soar.

“My wife Andrea and I wanted to share some thoughts on our experience with the Envision program that was available to us for the selection process on our Epcon Condominium in Jerome Village.

We had previously built our first condominium with Epcon and the selection process was not only limited in scope but we also did not have much time to really think about the selections we were making.” READ MORE

– Happy Homeowners at Jerome Village, Shared by Rob Krohn, VP of Marketing | Epcon Communities

Connect With Shoppers Who Understand New Homes

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else could educate home shoppers on the benefits of buying new for you? does just that. NewHomeSource has more articles on the process of buying new homes than any other website. Delivering home shoppers that have done their research and understand the process of building a new home means that they are less likely to be surprised and more likely to be delighted along the way.

Showing up with great content along a home shopper’s path to their new dream home and anticipating where they might struggle is sure to earn you great reviews in the end. We think it’s time well spent.

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