Ways Homebuilders Can Embrace Digital Transformation

Digital marketing solutions are the future in home building… you know consumers expect a digital experience, but not everyone has been in a rush to meet their needs.

Home shoppers have been ready for this for quite some time. Consumers want control. They want to buy when they’re ready and on their own time. They’re fed up with being forced to find their dream home during “banking” hours and in-person.

So even if you’re behind the curve, it’s not too late to embrace digital transformation. Below are seven quick tips that your team can adopt.

Give homebuyers control when it comes to communication

The phone may still reign supreme but how consumers use it to communicate with homebuilders is ever-changing.

Some might want to email you from their phone. Others text. Some may still prefer the tried and true smile and dial.

  • Can a homebuyer easily maneuver your website from their phone?
  • Or immediately access an online calendar to set-up either an in-person or video appointment?
  • Do your lead forms include a question about the preferred communication method?

Provide as many options as possible for homebuyers to contact you or you run the risk of losing leads and ultimately sales.

Bridge the gap between the physical and the digital world

Giving homebuyers the option to tour a home in person or online is a must, viewing online has a high probability of turning into an in person appointment at a later date.

Embrace online tours that immerse consumers in your homes virtually. You can do something as simple as film a tour with your cell phone or take it to the next level with either an Animation or Virtual Walkthrough Tour. Just be sure to add a lead form and any of these accomplish the goal of connecting with consumers digitally and help you generate new leads.

Let homebuyers design on their own time

After the excitement of purchasing their dream home, too many homebuyers feel stressed and overwhelmed by the design process. This is sometimes only compounded by the many in-person visits.

What homebuyers prefer instead by a majority – 85% – is to self-select options online at their own pace. It is less stressful, increases efficiency, and reduces appointment times.

BDX’s Envision is the industry’s leading online design center for homebuilders. Envision creates an interactive and dynamic retail experience for home buyers that allows them to browse and save options to their wish list. Builders who have deployed Envision increase option sales by up to 30% and customer satisfaction by 20%.

And Envision doesn’t just deliver after the sale – most Envision builders also use it in pre-sales mode to generate leads from their website. Letting shoppers visualize their future dream home online is proven to work with lead conversion at 3X other sources.

Let homebuyers take action online, immediately

In a recent survey, one-third of millennials purchased their new home without ever seeing it. Today’s homebuyer wants the ability to do more than just see pictures or a video of a house. They want to complete the process from start to finish – request a proposal, apply for a mortgage, purchase, or even digitally close. So time to add that “Reserve My Lot” button and start driving shoppers further down the funnel.

Don’t forget to reach out to agents

As the inventory of used homes continues to decline, real estate agents are looking to the new home market to meet customer needs. Build relationships with real estate agents to leverage their network of prospective homebuyers and expand your community’s brand. What’s the best way to connect? The combination of email and social media is a great way to connect with agents and make sure your homes are top of mind as they’re evaluating options for their buyers. NewHomeSourceProfessional.com is also a must for your communities – this is the leading destination for agents to learn about new homes.

Today’s technologies and resources make it easy and turnkey to catch up to speed quickly. For more information or a personalized consultation with a Digital Marketing Consultant, email us today or visit thebdx.com!