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Survey - 6 Months
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1) What did you think about the BDX Orientation Webinar?
Very Informative - I learned many tips to get the most out of my listings
Informative - I learned some new things
Not Informative - I did not learn anything new
I Have Not Attended

2) Are you reviewing your Digital Dashboard Report ("DDR") ROI report every month?
3) What other Analytics tools are you using?

4) How informative is the Listings Best Practices Flipbook?
Very informative.
Somewhat informative.
Not informative.
I did not receive this.
5) On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend BDX to another builder who is not your competitor (1 being unlikely and 10 being very likely)?
6) Do you have any suggestions of what we could have done better in this process?