Online Design Center

Empower home shoppers

When homeshoppers are empowered, they spend thousands more in the design process. Find out how much you are leaving on the table.

Envision Visualizer

Engage shoppers through visualization

Homeshoppers want to have the ability to visualize a home with all their design selections before a home is built. With state-of-the-art visualization within Envision, buyers can easily visualize their selections to assist them in making decisions.

Real options, informed decisions

More than a rendering, the state-of-the-art visualizers built within Envision showcase the real manufacturer supplied options ensuring that buyers never have to decide solely on an artistic representation.

Side-by-side comparisons

Envision’s patent pending side-by-side comparison view allows buyers to design their space in multiple ways and visually compare each option while sliding back and forth between options, helping them get to a decision faster.

Their vision encapsulated in a mood board

The homebuilding journey is complex and requires thoughtful decision-making. Our mood boards simplify this process, collating chosen finishes, textures, and hues into a cohesive visual summary, providing a tangible glimpse of the potential outcome.

Satisfied Customers

Start with empowering your buyers

Securing a stellar review and feeding the referral engine begins with a clear vision of fulfilling your brand promise at each step of the customer journey. Here’s how the Envision Online Design Center helps builders just like you elevate their design experience:

Buyers love Envision

Customer satisfaction scores increase up to 20% with Envision

Anticipating the journey

Engage buyers early with a clear design selection roadmap. Where you offer package design selections or completely custom options, Envision creates the framework that shoppers need to make decisions to keep project timelines and expectations on point.

Enhancing preparation

Buyers and designers arrive at appointments well-informed, ensuring expectations are aligned.

Optimizing efficiency

Enable shorter, more productive design meetings, leading directly to desired outcomes while driving profitability through streamlined operations.

Empowering shoppers

Transition the design process online, giving buyers the autonomy to pre-plan their designs and budget at home without the pressure of a timed appointment.

Generate Leads

Quality leads
with Envision

To harness the full potential of lead generation, start promoting your online design center at the earliest stage. Here’s how the Envision Online Design Center can be a game-changer:

Attract serious buyers

Engage early with customization and design options, drawing in leads demonstrating high interest and intent.

Ingredient branding

Utilize ingredient branding to leverage the existing marketing power of well-known brands featured in your designs.

Impressive conversion

Experience a significant conversion rate, with a 20–40% of Envision leads turning into new home sales.

Revenue growth

This strategic early engagement is not just about lead volume — it’s a direct path to increased revenue.

Envision leads to buyer conversion rate is 20–40%

Visitors convert from lead to buyer 20–40% of the time with Envision versus <2–3% of the time on builder websites

Envision visitors return rate is 30–40%

Visitors return rate is 30–40% with Envsion vs. a return rate of 20–30% on most builder websites

Envision visitors spend 2X more time on site

Visitors spend 5–8 minutes with Envision vs. 2–3 minutes on builder websites

Envision visitors view 5X more pages per session

Visitors view 10–15 pages/session with Envision vs. 2–3 pages/session on builder websites

Design Library

Envision is the
gold standard

We’ve partnered with over 250 manufacturers, offering access to a curated selection of more than 350,000 products. Our platform is designed to streamline your design process, giving you the freedom to focus on creativity and service without the overhead of extensive management.

Top brands at your fingertips

Stay current with minimal effort. Our comprehensive database is continuously updated directly by manufacturers, ensuring you have the latest products at your disposal. This frees your team to concentrate on client engagement and the building process.

Rich media for every product

Our system is stocked with premium content directly from manufacturers. You’ll find everything you need to represent and sell: high-definition photos, informative videos, and detailed articles. While we provide the content, you have full control over pricing, tailoring the sales experience to your business model.

Warranties and documentation

We understand the importance of reliability and trust. That’s why we provide buyers with full-access to warranty information and documentation, both pre- and post-purchase, ensuring transparency and support throughout their buyer journey.

Frequently asked questions

Will this replace my design center team and make them obsolete?

Quite the opposite! Envision only makes your design center team members more effective and successful. Since homebuyers can add things to their wish list before their in-person appointment, your design team members can better prepare, personalize and even upsell when they meet in person. In addition, it drastically optimizes, making everyone involved more satisfied.

What if our manufacturers are outside of your partner network?

BDX works with over 250 manufacturer brands offering over 320,000 products, and that list is growing monthly. Most builders find that they are covered by our partnerships—but if not, don’t worry, we’ve got that covered, too. Our dedicated team is constantly reaching out to new manufacturers on behalf of our builders to incorporate them into the Envision program. We will do the heavy lifting to engage your manufacturer partners that aren’t in our system already, and we also allow you to create your own products that aren’t already offered.

We only build 75 homes per year. Are we too small to benefit from Envision?

Some of our most successful Envision builders are smaller/custom builders that build less than 75 homes a year. There is no minimum when it comes to how many homes you need to build each year to see the benefits of using Envision. We also have different options that align with any builder’s budget.

Many of our buyers are in the ‘Active Adult’ demographics. Will Envision still work for us?

Absolutely! Envision is user-friendly, and builders are seeing no resistance from Active Adults utilizing the tool. They love the low-pressure, low-stress environment it creates, allowing them to browse and choose option choices at their convenience—and share with their family. When it comes to younger demographics, they don’t just want an online tool, they expect it. We have the data to prove both.

I am sold, but I need this up and running in a month for our peak season. I have seven plans and 90 options across those plans. Can you pull this off?

Yes, we can! Our Envision Express version lets us get your Online Design Center up and running in just 30 days. We have a proven implementation process, a seasoned team and will ensure your digital strategy matches your brand!

Do we have to keep the product data up-to-date in Envision manually?

No. The manufacturers are responsible for updating product content. The builder is only responsible for managing what products are offered with their options, as you already do today. This approach means that data is fresh and in line with current manufacturers’ offerings. Better yet, you are in the know when product lines are discontinued or when SKU numbers change!

We have an ERP. Is it possible to connect the two technologies?

Yes! Envision has open web services and APIs in place that can integrate with any ERP or CRM systems. We have several offerings that allow builders with all levels of systems in place to leverage their data and reduce any errors or manual management.

We have different options that show on a per-plan basis. How does that work with Envision?

Just like it does in your systems today! If you have an option that is available in a certain community in a specific plan at a given price point, then Envision mimics your structure. Your internal systems are still the system of record for pricing and availability.

Visualizers are amazing, but we sell options by packages. How would this work for us?

Our integrated Visualizers with Envision can showcase both all your packages as well as any a la carte offerings—you decide. You are able to use that same Visualizer across the entire buyer journey, from pre-sales to when your buyer contracts and beyond. This should really pour gas on your marketing efforts!

Can I afford Envision?

Our data says otherwise. Envision leads convert at unheard—at unheard of rates of 20-40% directly from your website. In addition, bounce rates are reduced, time on site increases, and the level of engagement is off the charts. Our data also shows that the average increase for option sales is about 30%—a direct impact on your bottom line in the thousands. And finally, Envision creates raving fans, improving your customer satisfaction ratings by 20%! We’ve had builders tell us they can’t afford NOT to adopt an online design center in this competitive market. What other initiative will you do that actually makes you more money and creates customers for life?