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We offer three types of Tours

Market more than your model home and bring your new communities to life before they are built with stunning animated or virtual tours that inspire shoppers to become interested buyers.

Online VR Tours

Unleash the full potential of your plans with Online VR. Imagine giving your buyers the power to step inside and customize their dream home, all without leaving the comfort of their own living room.

Virtual Walkthrough Tours

Offer home shoppers a captivating 360-degree view of your home plans with seamless room-to-room navigation and provide an immersive and engaging experience that captivates potential buyers.

Animated Tours

Take your potential buyers on an inspiring journey through your upcoming community or homes, allowing them to join an interest list before construction begins. With animation, the opportunities are limitless.

Homes with high quality images sell 32% faster

Online VR Tours

When shoppers begin their journey looking for a new home, the appeal is often the ability to customize their home and build their dream home for their family. Online VR gives shoppers the ability to tour and design their home from finishes to structural options — all online.


  • Capture high-quality leads when shoppers save their plan
  • Built-in visualizers can be paired with real options from our database of over 250+ manufacturers through the Envision Online Design Center
  • Bring more than your model home to market. Our tried-and-true process makes building a virtual home easy

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    Check out our live demo below. For a run through of all the features of Online VR Tours, get in touch.

    Your best value option

    60% off additional assets

    Interior 3D Renderings

    Interactive Floor Plan

    Virtual 360 Walkthrough Tour

    Exterior 3D Renderings

    Real Time Tour

    Animated Video Tour

    Virtual Walkthrough Tours

    There's a compelling reason why listings with virtual home tours boast a 57% higher conversion rate. When buyers have the freedom to explore a home in 360 degrees, they gain a deeper understanding of the space and its layout. Visual content shines when potential buyers can immerse themselves and experience what it's like to live in the space.


    • Provide a fully immersive experience with full interior 360 degree viewing
    • Allow buyers to go their own way with an included interactive 3D floor plan that allows shoppers to jump from room to room via interactive hotspots
    • Your virtual walkthrough comes fully furnished and showcases your custom finishes and appliance selections

      Walkthrough our live demo

      Check out our live demo below. For a run through of all the features of Virtual Walkthrough Tours, get in touch.

      Options and details

      We tailor our solutions to your needs. See options and details below.


      Our best value Standard Virtual Walkthrough Tour includes the entire house and furniture gallery inspiration.

      • Features the entire house
      • Includes our furniture gallery
      • Ready in just 5 – 6 weeks
      • Our best value option

      Take care of the necessities with our Basic Virtual Walkthrough Tour, featuring the main rooms of the house.

      • Features important rooms of the house
      • Ready in just 5 – 6 weeks
      • Great value

      Need it fast? Our Express Virtual Walkthrough Tour streamlines the process and reduces delivery time.

      • Five furniture selections
      • Ready in just 3 – 4 weeks
      • Faster delivery

      Listings with virtual home tours convert at a 57% higher rate than those without


      Animated Tours

      Shoppers are more likely to remember a story than a list of facts. With animations, anything is possible and ideas come to life in cinematic quality well before your home or community are built. Bring in the natural landscape through drone footage and layer in a realistic, animated story of your community.


      • Streetscape, flyover, interior, or custom, BDX can bring your vision to life
      • Photoreal exterior and interior still images can be taken from the animation providing valuable content to be used in your online and offline marketing
      • Get started early with your vision and transform your animation over time as the details become clearer

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        Tailored solutions to meet your goals


        Market your new community with a unique bird’s eye perspective. Drone footage can be incorporated with an animation of soon-to-be-built homes for a top view perspective of your upcoming community.


        Take a stroll or drive down the streets of your upcoming community with a street view perspective. Home shoppers will see and feel what it’s like to drive home and arrive in their new community.

        Streetscape & Flyover

        Homeshoppers will gain an overview perspective as well as an up close look at your community. Give shoppers multiple perspectives to get to know your community.

        Premium Community

        Stroll down the street, visit the amenity center and sit by the pool — our premium animations capture the essence of your community and put homeshoppers in the viewpoint.


        Animated interior tours are a choreographed tour through your virtual model. The decor, lighting, and music all add to the experience of seeing the home in cinematic quality with camera angles purposefully directed to show off the best features.

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