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Honest reviews from real homeowners

Powered by NewHomeSource.com, TrustBuilder delivers honest reviews from real homeowners about the home buying experience. The program creates the industry destination for reviews that are independent, transparent and credible.

Ratings & Reviews

Build authenticity

TrustBuilder, fueled by the reliability of NewHomeSource.com, offers genuine reviews from homeowners about their journey to homeownership, TrustBuilder stands as the industry’s go-to source for independent and transparent feedback, fostering a credible space that accurately reflects the sentiments of homebuyers.

Free for builders on NewHomeSource

At BDX, we champion the homebuilding industry’s integrity. We’ve observed the impact of unverified reviews on third-party sites and recognized they don’t reflect the true quality and service our builder partners deliver. That’s why we introduced TrustBuilder Ratings and Reviews — to make things right.

“It’s hard to over-estimate the value of an honest customer review, but we’ve seen many sites struggle with the problem of fake reviews,”

“A program like TrustBuilder that ensures the transparency and credibility of ratings and reviews is long overdue in the home building industry. We’re excited to participate in this industry-changing initiative.”

Tyson Kirksey, VP of Digital Marketing for Highland Homes.

Create Community

Revolutionize the review process

Our mission is to create a community of trust and reliability where homebuyers and builders can connect confidently. Join us in this journey to elevate the homebuying experience.

Transparency for homebuyers

We believe in the homebuyer’s right to accurate information. With TrustBuilder, they can be confident that the information that they use to make their decision is accurate.

Verified reviews

Leveraging the NewHomeSource platform, we ensure every review is from a confirmed buyer, maintaining the authenticity of their experience.

Timely feedback

Capturing reviews at the optimal moment reflects genuine buyer sentiment. This type of honest feedback empowers builders to enhance their reputation and trustworthiness.

92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and family

34% of consumers won’t look at a product without reviews

79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

10% potential lift in sales volume after one review

Five reasons why
reviews are important

Brand Awareness

According to Bazaarvoice, 41% of consumers think that when a business responds to reviews, they really care about their consumers and 35% think they have great customer service.

Brand Strengthening
Studies show that shopper intent to purchase doubles when seeing a brand’s response to a negative review versus no response from the company.
Brand Validation
Another study found that 93% of people read product reviews before making an online purchase. That’s nearly 100% of potential consumers who research product reviews before even beginning to make a decision.
Generation of New Leads
Just ONE review shows an increase of 10% in orders. More reviews lead to more purchases. A study found that 50 reviews generally lead to 30% increase in orders. But at 200 reviews orders jumped to an astounding increase of 44%
SEO Improvement

SEO benefits begin to emerge with significant gains in natural search traffic. Search Engine Optimization helps search engines and users understand your website and the websites content. SEO improvement builds trust and credibility when users search for your company, meaning, having a higher spot when users search for the brand, users are generally more likely to trust the brand.