The buyer’s journey doesn’t need to be complex. Dreamweaver simplifies the online buying experience, allowing buyers the flexibility to begin where they choose and navigate through the home design process effortlessly. All your top interactive content is integrated into a single, user-friendly experience, accessible to your buyers with just one sign-in.

Curate the buyer’s journey

Homeshoppers start with picking a site

Interactive Site Plan

Unleash the full potential of your plans with Online VR. Imagine giving your buyers the power to step inside and customize their dream home, all without leaving the comfort of their own living room.

Next, they select and customize their floor plan

Interactive Floor Plan

Offer new home shoppers a captivating 360-degree view of your home plans with seamless room-to-room navigation, and provide an immersive and engaging experience that captivates potential buyers.

Third, let your home shopper visualize their home


Interactive tools can drive engagement across your site, but by leveraging multiple tools it can also result in a disjointed journey with multiple sign-ins required from your homeshoppers. BDX created Dreamweaver to craft a seamless experience for your homeshoppers with one sign-in.

Finally, they customize their finishes… all in one seamless online experience

Envision — Online Design Center

Leverage the power of the options you offer by allowing homeshoppers to design their homes online. Builders who implement Envision Online Design Center see a 30% increase or more on option spends for every home they run through Envision just by giving homeshoppers the keys to design, research, and buy options on their own. 

A seamless home shopping experience

Your homeshoppers are on one journey—their journey. Personalizing the journey that they take with you online results in a seamless experience for them and higher profits for you.

Truly immersive content

Engaging content and interactive websites are key in today’s climate.

Full integration

Consistent look and feel, SSL, and progress/tool memory.

Consistent experience

Create trust in your brand with a consistent experience.

Curated journey

Guide your homeshoppers on a journey that is curated just for them.

Meet expectations

It’s time to give homeshoppers the experience they expect.