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Floor Plans

We offer 3 types of Floor Plans

One of the biggest advantages of new homes is the ability to customize the design to meet the needs of your shopper’s lifestyle. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage shoppers on their journey.

Interactive Floor Plans

Take buyers deep into the design process from the comfort of their home while generating valuable leads.

3D Floor Plans

Realistically convey space and livability with fully furnished or unfurnished 3D floor plans.

2D Floor Plans

A cornerstone of visual content for your marketing—BDX delivers quick, accurate 2D floor plans in color or black white.

91% of buyers said that Interactive Floor Plans had an influence on a decision to buy.

—Bokka Group

Interactive Floor Plans

Want to increase profitability for your business? According to Google, 90% of marketers say that personalization in their marketing significantly contributes to profitability. Interactive Floor Plans are an important part of unlocking personalization in the homebuyer journey.


  • Lead generation tool that generates a lead for your sales team when a homeshopper saves their plan
  • Print or Send a custom brochure to prospective buyers with the details of their designed plan
  • Built-in financial calculator
  • Drag and drop furniture, notes, and draw on plan

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    Unlock personalization in the buyer journey

    Take buyers deep into the design process from the comfort of their home.

    3D Furniture Gallery

    Allow shoppers to create an accurate view of what their new home will look like with our new 3D Furniture Gallery.

    Comment Tool

    Homeshoppers can now attach notes to selected items—allowing them to record their design ideas and stay inspired.

    Options Selector Tool

    Give homeshoppers the power to add options—[option sales stat here].

    3D Floor Plans

    One of the most realistic methods to communicate a floor plan design, 3D floor plans take a bird’s eye view of a home fully furnished or unfurnished to give a deep understanding of the flow of a floor plan.


    • Photorealistic image quality
    • Customizable floor materials and kitchen cabinets
    • Render additional interior renderings at a discounted price than our a la carte pricing
    • A gallery of modern furniture to choose from
        Tailored solutions

        We have a variety of options to meet your timeline, budget, and needs.

        2D Floor Plans

        Color, furnished, or black and white, BDX excels in meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the creation of high-quality and precise 2D floor plans.


        • Color and black and white floor plans are available
        • Choose with or without furniture and dimensions
        • Style your fonts and colors to match your brand

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              Homes with professional images were viewed 118% more than comparable listings.