Lead Generation 5 Digital Advertising

Top of Funnel

Connect with a wider audience

Boost your presence and connect with a wider audience of potential homeshoppers with top of funnel advertising strategies that leverage our deep insight and customized targeting filters that can give you a broader reach without losing effectiveness.

Connected TV

Connect with a vast and diverse audience while delivering impactful ads tailored to the right viewers with Connected TV. It’s a cost-effective way to reach a larger audience with all the flexibility you need to gain measurable results in your growth marketing strategy. With the ability to track through to the visit to your model home or sales center, it’s a highly effective way to drive physical and digital traffic all in one.

  • Reach strategic audiences without wasted impressions
  • Maximize conversions through audience customization by utilizing NewHomeSource proprietary data and flexible target filters.
  • Increase efficiency with programmatic purchasing
  • Take advantage of a full screen TV experience to showcase your homes
    Reach engaged users

    Reach engaged users across their smart TV’s and connected devices with Connected TV from BDX.

    More than 85% of US households are expected to own at least one internet-connected TV in 2023

    Streaming Audio

    Get outside of your zone of influence and connect with an untapped audience of potential homeshoppers. With 150 million monthly US listeners, streaming audio is an ideal way to connect to a highly engaged market with audio ads and banners that run across the Sirius XM audio streaming network. With a wide array of targeting options, you can reach a larger audience while maintaining an effective targeting strategy.

    Streaming Audio allows you to:

    • Connect to a larger network through BDX without high annual commitments
    • Audio ads are :30 second commercials
    • Accompanying banner ads will run within the app with a click-through to your website
    • Target to your DMA, or County level plus demographic and household income are available at no additional cost.
        Cast a wide net with Streaming Audio

        Connect to a highly engaged market with audio ads and banners that will run across the Sirius XM audio streaming network.

        150 million monthly
        US listeners

        209 million monthly digital audio listeners

        73% of the total US population

        Streaming services served:







        NBC News

        Who’s listening?

        24M GenZ

        19M Millenials

        14M Gen X

        SirusXM/Pandora have the largest audience in the US

        Why BDX

        Our buying power, your ads

        With BDX, you can have it all — reach a vast audience while honing your targeting like a seasoned pro. It’s top of funnel advertising redefined.

        VIP Access

        At BDX, we open doors to unparalleled opportunities. With our buying power you’ll gain exclusive access to vast audiences, enjoy lower rates, and break through those minimum buy thresholds that can often deter builders from top of funnel advertising.


        As trailblazers in the new home industry, we posess an in-depth understanding of what transforms home shoppers into new home buyers. We harness this invaluable insight to fuel your success, employing customized targeting filters that extend your reach without sacrificing effectiveness.


        Whether you prefer to target by DMA or County level or fine-tune your strategy with demographic and household income criteria, we offer these capabilities at no extra cost.