Improve Conversion, Time to Close, and ROI – a FREE Program from BDX

The more information you have about your prospects,

the higher your sales conversion rates will be.

What if a home buyer lead was delivered with information about their purchase behavior, estimated income, and details about their current home? Now with BDX’s new lead augmentation, you will get more details about your prospective buyers allowing you to segment your leads and develop personalized follow-up plans.

Every BDX Lead is Delivered With:

Market Segmentation: Each lead assigned one of 15 home industry personas

BDX has partnered with Neustar to create 15 Consumer Optix Segmentation Clusters based on custom behaviors related to new home shopping and building.

Summary personas are provided for each of the Consumer Optix Clusters:


  • Average demographics for the members of the cluster
  • How the cluster ranks for various behaviors, relative to the other clusters
  • Insight into how the members of the cluster typically behave

Household Demographics: Detailed information to help you better understand each lead

The following demographics are included with each lead:

  • Estimated household income
  • Persons living in household
  • Children living in household
  • Presence of young children in household
  • Current property type
  • Current property value
  • Own/rent current property
  • Current property year built
  • Length of residence
  • Presence of premium credit card
  • Presence of home business

Shopper Behavior – What actions have your leads taken on

The following shopper behavior data is specific to each lead on NewHomeSource:

  • Total visits
  • Last visit
  • Days on site
  • Average visit (in minutes)
  • Total time on site
  • Total direct leads submitted
  • Total community views
  • Total home views
  • Total video views

Consumer Optix is FREE for All BDX Leads!

To join the program, contact your Account Manager. He or she will configure BDX Live so that you can access the program once the Acceptable Use Policy is completed.

Then, start using all of this new information for better follow up and conversion!

Want all this extra information for any contact in your database?


Consumer Optix is also available for:


→ Leads from non BDX sources

→ Sold home data

→ Prospect lists


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