Follow Your Visitors and Prospects Across the Internet with Retargeting

When shoppers visit your site or your listing on New Home Source, our retargeting programs, BeBack Retargeting or BDX Retargeting, follow them with banner advertising on the sites they visit next – keeping you top of mind.

Retargeted shoppers have a 3x conversion rate over first time visitors! 


  1. You’ve probably seen retargeting in action when you’ve shopped online and then seen ads for the same products start showing up on other places. This is retargeting!
  2. Consumers who have already visited your website or your listings on New Home Source are active and high quality prospects.
  3. BDX retargeting drives these visitors back to your site and landing pages with targeted banner advertising, reminding them of what they found interesting.
  1. Our retargeting hits the high quality prospects who have visited your website or your listings.
  2. BeBack brings back the most engaged prospects, resulting in higher conversion rates.
  3. BeBack delivers only the consumers that have a sincere interest in buying one of your homes.
  4. BDX aggregates data from hundreds of builders to find the best approach.
  5. BDX has 400+ sites on its black list, where banner impressions have been proven not to have clicks.

Retarget the most active and qualified new home shoppers and real estate agents.

  1. Retarget consumers and agents who have searched for new homes on BDX sites like New Home Source.
  2. Reach a niche audience specifically shopping for new construction and homebuilders in your market.
  3. As an aggregator, the BDX has a larger and more qualified audience than many home builders, allowing you to maximize your reach.
  4. Robust “Black List” of sites shown not to drive traffic enables us to ensure brand safe placements.
WHITEPAPER: Competing Against Resale Homes
BDX Advertising Solutions
WHITEPAPER: Competing Against Resale Homes
CASE STUDY: Fairfield Homes



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