Retargeting campaigns led to 1046% increase in branded search and a 726% lift in site visitation after four weeks of retargeted ad exposure.

Visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert on your site.


Retarget the most active and qualified new home shoppers and real estate agents.

  • Builders can retarget consumers and agents who’ve searched for new homes on BDX, sites such as NewHomeSource.
  • Reach a niche audience specifically shopping for new construction in your market.
  • As an aggregator, BDX has a larger and more qualified audience than many websites—allowing you to maximize your reach.


With their high visibility, Banner ads are displayed in varying ad positions across a network of real estate-related websites and are the ideal addition for branding of new communities


Typically receiving higher CTR, Native ads are displayed right within the content of the site and look like part of the featured content.



Revolutionize your advertising strategy with GPS-enabled geofencing.

Precision-targeted marketing based on real-time GPS tracking, tailored to engage consumers near your model home, sales center, or key employers for unbeatable results.

  • We leverage the latest technology to curate a targeted and scalable audience.
  • Our system leverages AI to know the perfect time to display your ad based on user behavior.
  • We measure success on conversion zones which can be foot traffic into a model home after a user views or engages with an ad.

Leverage These Critical Geofencing Conversion Zones

GPS Target

 Your Model Home

Your Sales Center

Your Billboard


 Competitor’s Model Home

Competitor’s Sales Center

Your Billboard

Real Estate

Brokerage Firms

Apartment Homes

Rental Homes

Specialty Businesses

High-end Retailers


Baby Retailers



Higher conversion of quality prospects from your website

After a consumer visits your website, retargeting ads can follow them on other websites that they visit to encourage them to return.

  • BDX offers affordable campaigns without the large upfront fee.
  • No one manages more builder ad campaigns than BDX. In addition to our years of testing optimal levels of frequency and windows for maximum performance, we have the baseline KPI’s to compare and drive results.
  • We manage a robust “Black List” of sites shown not to drive traffic.
  • We have access to approximately 3 million sites and apps that we curate into a dynamic list that consistently shows great performance.


According to a report by, users are likely to convert more by 43% across multiple devices using remarketing methods. They observed an uplift of 30% in mobile and 121% in desktop.


Are you finding it challenging to navigate the ever-evolving dynamics of social retargeting?

  • Leveraging our proprietary NewHomeSource custom audience, we’ve made targeting your core audience easier than ever.
  • Our audience is tailored to home shoppers with a preference for new homes. This strategy is incredibly effective for reaching users on their mobile devices, a platform witnessing a surge in new home search traffic.


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