Virtual Reality Tours Create Immersive Experiences For Home Buyers

BDX is leading the way creating interactive and dynamic Real Time Tours. These virtual reality experiences will engage home buyers and make your brand more memorable.

Why Use Virtual Reality?

Persuade future buyers

With real time tours, you are able to display and immerse your website visitors in your homes, communities, features and basically anything before even breaking ground. This allows you to show your potential buyers what they can expect and get them excited at the very beginning of the process.

Connect with relocating buyers

Connect with out-of-area buyers and allow them to virtually experience their new home during the relocation process. Today’s real time home tours are immersive and interactive. Hot spots also allow you to virtual insert the perfect salesperson into your tour with scripted information every step of the way.


Be memorable

We offer the highest quality VR product on the market. When your future buyer looks into the virtual reality device, they will be immersed in your home, as if they were touring a model. They will experience clear, beautiful, almost lifelike visual sensations of what your home will look like – as if they are there! This will leave them with an unforgettable memory of their new home.

Get a library of visual content with your tour

Every real time tour from BDX comes with additional visual assets like interior renderings and virtual walkthroughs that make the value of your tour unbeatable.

Virtually Changing How Buyers Shop for New Homes

“Most people can’t read a floor plan, and they can’t visualize how the light will come into a room,” said BDX CEO, Tim Costello. “They see the words kitchen and great room on a floor plan and the room dimensions, but they can’t visualize what that room will feel like. Virtual reality gives you a true sense of place, that you’ve actually walked around the room and can judge it because of the ability to see it from multiple angles.”

Maximize your ROI with More Than Just a VR Tour

With your Real Time Tour, we deliver more than just a tour. You get up to $18,000 worth of additional media assets to use in your marketing and sales programs. With your tour you get:


  • Interior renderings from all rooms in your tour
  • Virtual walkthrough to use on your website
  • Options changer 
  • Animated interior tour

The Team BDX Advantage

“The VR Game Engine Tour was a total success at the Easton Park grand opening. As you know, our model home was only in the completed frame stage with electrical wiring installed.  Having the ability to tour guest thru the virtual model on the large TV monitor helped them see what the future model home will look like. ” Read More

We help your customer's experience be

Below are case studies of BDX's virtual reality Real Time Tours in action.

Home Customization

Imagine instead of only being able to look at a floor plan and see structural options in 2D, our real time tours allow buyers to flip through structural add ons and customize using our material options changers. This allows home shoppers to walk around your new home and change out and customize every part before their eyes.

Smart Home Automation

Why tell home owners what a new smart home can do when you can show them? Within this tour the electronics are the main focus, so the user is able to click and get details on each electronic and truly see a smarthome in action. They are also able to change out screens and speakers for more customization.

Amenity Center

Real Time Tours of amenity centers allow home shoppers to navigate around the pool and club house for a community before it’s ever built! Buyers will be able to see what it is like to stroll by the crystal blue pool, playground or fitness center. The possibilities are endless!

More BDX Virtual Reality Examples

“Each model home costs $350,000 or more to build, but we’ve found we can attract buyers with virtual reality and spend under $20,000.” Roach says the virtual-reality walk-through of the model home — plus the ability to show what different options look like — generates a lot of excitement among buyers. “We have a wait list of 50 interested buyers who have only seen the virtual model or looked at our online options,” Roach says. “The average age of our buyer is 33 and we’ve found that a lot of them enjoy gaming, so the technology appeals to them.”
Jeanna Roach

VP of Sales and Marketing, Betenbough Homes

The Tools Of The Virtual Reality Trade

Google Carboard

Google Cardboard

These viewers utilize smartphones as the main display. They are designed to be held up to the eyes temporarily, are very lightweight, and turn any smartphone into a virtual reality viewer.

Oculus Rift

Oculus & Oculus Go

This virtual reality headset requires a wired connection to a high-end computer as well as a personal tracking camera and controller. This headset provides the most immersive experience and highest level of realism available.

Gear VR

Gear VR

Gear VR is Samsung’s virtual reality headset and uses a smartphone as the main display. This one does not require a wired connection, but is designed to be strapped to the head for a more immersive experience.

Real Time Tour iPad Controller

The RTT controller puts the power in the hands of home shoppers. With an intuitive interface design, anyone can pick up the new RTT iPad controller and navigate your unbuilt homes with full capability to swap out design options as well as structural options—no wires, no training necessary.

Looking for more features?

Upgrade your app to include an image gallery, video gallery and valuable lead and session data.

Augmented Reality App

The BDX augmented reality app allows home shoppers to drop home plans on a home lot and see what it is like to walk through the home with an iPad or phone while on the physical lot.

Benefits of AR

  • Buyers can have experiences together.
  • Incorporates the virtual environment with the physical environment.


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